Wednesday, February 4, 2015

If I am honest....

If I am honest…on my 33rd birthday 

Today is my 33rd birthday. I figured this was a good time as any to be honest with myself. 

I have been happy, sad, anger and mad. But it is best knowing that I am forgiven, giving grace and mercy with tomorrow being another fresh day. 
I have gone to a NASCAR race for free and paid to sleep in a tent for a week.
I have worked in Michigan, Illinois, Nebraska, Ohio and North Carolina. Been in airports more than I care to say and hotels too. But plenty of rental cars have been driven (not commuted) and hit their governors!!
I have crashed two racecars, and two street cars. Plus a ton of Figure-8 and demo derby cars (turning a Delta 88 into a Delta 44) and auto-crossed for a magazine one time. And had a time I was saved from getting plowed by a grey Dodge pick-up going the wrong way on I-75. 

I am blessed 

I have built houses in Newport News, VA and shovel three foot of muck out of living rooms in New Orleans and Mississippi. Been to West Virginia after floods, Tennessee after storms and went to Mississippi 8 weeks after Hurricane Katrina.
I have danced to Cotton Eyed Joe and N’Sync, looked crazy too. Been crazy on a dance floor, in a go-kart and at the breakfast table. 
Been to Cedar Pointe, Sea World, Disney World, museums, zoos, aquariums and auto shows 
I have gone fishing, gone hunting (but mostly sat in the woods and froze) and gone racing.
Been to many churches, wish I could go back to some and some I wish never to step back into. 

I am blessed 

Went to Italy, went to Canada and went home too. 
Been in the newspaper and magazines
I have ate at McDonalds, Taco Bell and Wendys…all in one day.
I am a former board of director’s member, secondary response disaster relief worker, youth mission trip chaperone and camera man 
I have cried after a football game and laughed at funerals. I have driven a racecar called Old Glory and been called Captain America 
Been to racetracks at Indy, Bristol, Daytona, Michigan, New Hampshire, Grattan, Flat Rock, Toledo, Dixie, Auto City, Merritt, Mid-Ohio, and Waterford Hills. The last two I actually raced at. 105 mph at Mid-Ohio and flipping at Waterford Hills (with a few wins). Plus I have a sand trap named after me! 
I have played softball, baseball, basketball, 7 man football, volleyball, tennis, golf (well at least I continue to attempt to play), racquetball, croquet, and I know a ton of card and board games. 

I am blessed

Concerts - I have seen newboys, MercyMe, Jars of Clay, TOBY Mac, S.C. Chapman, Michael W., Rebecca St. James, Tomlin, Chrowder, American Idols (Mandisa, David Dunn & Colton Dixon), Kid rock, Chicago, Trans Siberian Orchestra, the Doobie brothers and many more. 
My kids are awesome, 1B and 1C to my amazing wife (and she did not require me to write that)! 

I am blessed 

The best days of my life…knowing Jesus, being baptized, my best-friend telling me she would marry me, wedding day and the day Jasper and Raelee were born. 
The worst…there are those too.

I am blessed 

When you ask me what I do for a living, I usually say I am an engineer. I work for a great automotive company. I wanted to be an engineer since 7th grade. I was inspired by Alan Kulwicki. A Polish Catholic engineer from the mid-west (Wisconsin) that left everything behind to be a NASCAR racecar driver and owner. I figure if he, a northern redneck, could be an engineer and go race, so could I! I think it turned out alright. But of course I am more then just an engineer. I should say..."what do I do for a the best husband, father and follower of Jesus Christ I can be. Learn from Him, wiser peoples and be better tomorrow than I was today."
I get to go to Frankenmuth (very soon), Cedar Pointe, Michigan International Speedway, Mackinaw and Winter Jam in 2015…I get to create memories with my wife and kids…and I can not wait.

I am blessed. 

I have loved and been loved and I am loved. I know I have loved and not been loved back. Probably made that mistake too. 
I have great friends, best friends, and people who were friends. 
I have had people walk away and had to do the same.
I have been grateful, been cursed and probably cursed a few times too many. 
Some things God has taken away from me. His choice, not mine. And I am better off for it. 

I am still blessed 

I definitely do not have it all figured out, I just want to be better everyday
I want to give life…not take it. Sometime I don’t do that. I am sorry. I have lived a complete life. I am blessed. 

This may have been a little self serving, self focused and probably with a lot of grammar issues. Thanks for reading.

I love you all. 

 Jesus died when he was 33. When I turned 16, 18, 21, 25, 30…none of it was a big deal to me. But the last few weeks I have just reflected on my life. It was time to be honest…I am blessed.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Welcome Raelee Grace Forst

Hello all, I know it has been a long, long time since I have posted here. My family has been very busy, and I hope to have some time to sit down and tell you all about it. In the meantime, here are some pictures of our new addition to the family.

Raelee Grace Forst born 4/11/14 at 10:05am

Thursday, February 21, 2013

For Sale

Selling Old Glory...its time. Oh, and we are moving...that is why...LOL

Friday, October 19, 2012

Quick Update

Yep, been a long while. Jasper is 7 months now. Cute as a button. Brought him a steering wheel toy with a shifter and wonderful (read annoying after 10 minutes) music and sounds. Got to teach them young...

The Caddy is gone.
The Green Machine (Green Mustang) is almost gone.
And Old Glory is still sitting in the garage.

I missed the Waterford Hills race season this year. I visited a few times. Wished my car was on the track, chatted with a lot of friends and watch some good action. Its like home and church rolled into one. Comfortable, and yet surrounded by so many friends.

Jasper visited up there too. I took Jenna's grandparents to the Vintage races. All the volunteers, teams and drivers make that place great.

There is always next year for the racecar, or a rental...maybe.

Ah...fall is in the air and the holidays are coming up soon.

Stay on the road, God Bless.

Friday, May 18, 2012

For Sale - 1979 Caddy

Well, its time. Great friend and TF American Racing car chief Scott has decided he is sick of looking at my car in his barn. I don't blame him. The Caddy is up for sale...or going to the scrap yard May 31st (or before). See below!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The new official daily driver of TF American Racing! Had it for about 8 months now, finally getting a picture up.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jasper - Six weeks

For the record...I am tired from all the home improvements...forgot to mention that last time. But...I have always heard "The house is never finished...". And that is very true. I got a few things still to do but nothing pressing. (Minus figuring out what creature is stirring in the chimney).

Jasper is six weeks old now. He is getting a little more of a personality. Nothing Earth shattering. But he looks at you more focused now. He laughs and is beginning to "coo". I try to get him to say "I love you" or "Daddy" but he hasn't got there yet. He is getting stronger, but still has not rolled over yet. He has the leg strength (I think my ribs are bruised from him), but still needs the arm strength.

Today, Jenna and Jasper are stopping by work so we can go together and pick up Great-Grandma Mona from the airport. She will be visiting her brother JD, and of course here to see Jasper. She also has volunteered to watch Jasper on Monday so Jenna and I can celebrate our first wedding anniversary. WooHoo!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Fridge is a blessing and Extreme Makeover: Forst Home Edition

It is funny how many blessings there are in life. Its funny how life takes its twists and turns...the areas and times in which you rather not have had happen or want to forget. But going through it all, does make you stronger and makes you appreciate life just that much more. Sometimes its people who setup to the plate from nowhere.

So, how is a fridge a blessing? Simple. We needed one.
Now, it wasn't that the other fridge was bad...but its old, small and no longer matches the kitchen (wait...did I just say that?...JENNA...what have you done to me?!....kidding).  Truth is light tan and white doesn't look good. I even know that...LOL. So, it works but an upgrade would be wonderful....especially since almost everything else has been updated in the last 6 months or so...just a sample list.

New hot water heater
Used water softener with new iron filter
New stand alone freezer
New furnace
New laundry room floor
New kitchen floor...well, top layers tore up and refinished hardwood floor underneath
Shelves installed in kitchen closet
Shelves installed in laundry room
Quarter trim installed (you know since I pulled it out when I refinished the house's hardwood floor when I moved in......7 years ago)
Oh yeah....and Jasper's new room too...that included closet door install and crib build.

New used car
And seeming constant maintenance on Jenna's Compass...that whole Michigan winter versus Arizona summer (with a year in Oklahoma) has been a little bit of a shock to its system. back to the fridge. So Nicole, someone I went to Clarkston schools with, K through 12, posted on Facebook (got to love Facebook), that her and her husband Lance had purchased a new fridge and was looking to get rid of the old one, just come and get it. After a message or two,  a visit (with Jenna and Jasper in tow, per request), and some measurements, the deal was sealed. Got the van rolling over to their house and a new fridge on its way. Of course, the measurements worked for where the fridge would be located in the kitchen, not necessarily if it got through the door. Of course a few bolts and screws and the doors come off the fridge...whew.

So now what to do with the other fridge...well, Facebook again. Pastor Jeremiah at our church posted that a couple-to-be needed a fridge. A phone call and a few measurements. The fridge was on its way to a new home. And that was dropped off this weekend.

See a fridge can be a blessing. God works in many ways, you just got to open your eyes.

Until next time, spring is almost safe!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why ESPN, Why?

A little background on the story.

Blake Koch is a NASCAR Nationwide series driver, (AAA league of NASCAR vs major league, for those unfamiliar). He is a passionate Christian. He got a sponsor from Rise Up and Register. The group is trying to get one million people to sign up and vote in 2012 who didn't in 2008. Seems like a good organization, doesn't it? Folks at ESPN say no...I say BS.

Commerical can be seen here.

I agree with every word written...I don't see it. Why is this a political and faith issue?

Be safe, and keep it on the road.

God Bless

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter, Jasper, racing plans and back to the grind

Today is the Monday after Easter. Happy Easter Monday. He is RISEN! So what has been happening the last three and a half weeks since the birth of Mr. Jasper.

Well first, Jasper is such a blessing. He is a great baby. He lets his parents sleep. Most of the time once he gets to bed (seems to think the day is noon to mindnight), he sleeps 3 and Jenna have to set alarms (yes plural) to wake up and make sure he is fed. He does what other babies do. Eat, sleep, poop, pee, hiccup, smile and cry. That is about it. Recently he seems to stare at me and Mom more and turn his head to our voices. He is very strong, he holds his head up most of the time, he kicks well and if he could figure out where to put his arm, he could roll over. Sometimes if he is in the right position he can kick both of his legs in the air at the same time. He like to roll onto his side and sleep on it...just like Daddy.

Today his Mommy is taking him to the doctors for a well visit. Our hope is weight gain, that seems to be his only hiccup. His weight has been on a little bit of a roller coaster since birth. Any prayers are helpful.

Jasper did attend his first church service yesterday. He slept through the whole thing (Even with the awesome rukin music). The River church had over 2000 people attend. We parked about as far as we could park and still be on the property!

Everyone says your life is so much different with a new child. My son is such a blessing, but to be honest...besides a little less sleep and changing a lot of and my wife keep shaking our head and checking to see if he is really ours....LOL. Things are different but it just feels more right and in a good way. Not sure if I feel completely responsible for him yet, but that is growing. I have a family I call my own. He is the next generation. It is a pretty cool feeling. ....And of course he is the next racer for TF American Racing! (Anyone have a quarter midget for sale?)

A few have started asking, so I will be clear here. I probably will not be racing this year. I don't have any plans currently, and unless the winning lotto ticket flies into my pocket...I have no plans to rent or fix Old Glory currently. The house has gone through a big remodel in preparation for Jasper. That equals the financing to do the work (Even if I have done a majority of the work myself). Plus some other not so convinent things breaking (Furance and the daily driver has a nice rattle in the engine currently.). But do not feel sad for me. I had three wonderful years of racing, Old Glory is not for sale and slowly will be put it back together for racing at Waterford Hills...and Mid-Ohio...and some other places I would love to visit in the future, for the future. I will visit Waterford Hills reguarly and will be a fan with Jasper at my side. I still enjoy watching racing on TV and will make time to visit race weekends at Waterford Hills and maybe that street race on Belle Isle this June. The joy is still there...and well I don't have that golf thing figured out, nor do I enjoy mowing the lawn or kite flying...LOL. So racing is where it is at. Its where my heart is at and will continue to be.

Jenna and I have felt it is important for the growth of our son to have as much opportunity to be the best he can be. He is now the priority. So, Mom will stay home and schooling will be important in the future, even if it is not cheap. The priority of saving pennies to race really fast is not where it use to be in the order. I am very much happy with this. You see, God has a plan for me, my life is the best it could be, and trust me about two years ago, I thought it couldn't get better. (Think about it...two years ago, Old Glory was in the driveway, not yet painted, and maybe not even with glass in it. The Waterford Hills 2010 season wasn't yet here, and I couldn't wait. I was a single guy living a dream, with friends and family...and God was so good to me then). I could never I am easily 100 times happier. Give it to God and he will give it to you 10 times over and over flowing.

This reminds me of a song from The Turning (willing to bet most of you have never heard of them).

Here are some of the lyrics:

Everything I held is out of my hands

Everything you bless is not what I’d planned

Not what I’d seen, not what I’d dreamed

Even if my dream was to drive a life now, even not racing a car, is far beyond what I dreamed and far beyond my imagination of how good it can be. It is beyond good, beyond fair and far beyond what I deserve.

Today is also my first day back to work full time. I have work here and there for the last few weeks, but today is the start of the first full week in 4 weeks. Fun, fun.

Hope all is well in your worlds.

Be safe, keep it on the track, and don't be a stanger.

God Bless